I'm Lucia. Stylist
& Fashion Designer


Stage 1: Book and Appointment

Stage 2: At your appointment your measurements will be taken and the
Cloth, lining and styling will be chosen. Deposit Payment Taken.

Stage 3: Your tailor will process your order via our ordering system
and your garment will then be put into make.

Stage 4: 6 week Production time. This will include
a pattern being cut specific to each client.

Stage 5: 1st Fitting will take place at your convenience and
any alterations required will be carried out.

Stage 6: 1 week alterations time.

Stage 7: Delivery of suit.
This includes a final fitting to ensure everything is perfect.
Balance payment will be taken.

For more information or to book an appointment at your
home or office email: james@10threads.co.uk